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Internal Alterations

Transform your London home with an Internal Alteration – Fixed Fees with no hidden extras!

Vibrant, dynamic and flexible space can be created with creative internal alterations, increasing your quality of life without needing heavy finances. Most London residential homes have hidden spaces and when walls are taken down, superb modern living spaces can be created in relatively short time.

Collaborating with local engineers, surveyors and London Architects together has provided us with a wealth of experience and knowledge in internal alterations whether it is for a new hallway or open plan living area.

Strong & Established Links with London Authorities & Councils

We have developed a network of strong contacts with London authorities and councilswith their respective planning departments so your internal alteration planning application is dealt with the importance it deserves.

Choosing our local London Architects means we ensure there are less delays in your application, reduces your build time, which saves you money and provides you with the build you deserve for your home. From the date of survey we ensure your plans are ready within 10 days!

Fixed Fee Internal Alteration Plans

Aside from the all-important designs, creative plans and experience you seek, money is always an important consideration. Many home developmentshave spiraled out of control from making decisions in haste. Our fixed fee approach for all your internal alterations means no hidden costs or extras and more money to spend on fixtures, fittings and furniture!

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