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Office-to-Residential rules

Office-to-Residential rules save up to 30% on building projects! The red tape removal around office-to-residential conversions could leave many residential projects with a 30% saving on build, this has seen a massive increase in house extensions, side house extensions, loft conversions and new developments entirely in London. Commercially creating a rise in big companies wishing […]

Expert London Architect

Anthony Byrne, Expert London Architect explains where best to shop for your DIY material in 2014… So your a home owner or renter living in London, its the weekend and you have been avoiding that home DIY you have been avoiding for ages. Or you may one of the thousands that have just recently completed […]

Planning 2014?

Anthony Byrne, London Architect explains what to expect in 2014? London House extensions, loft conversions and new builds soar prices up, so what to expect in 2014? 2013 finished with great news for London homeowners, expect 2014 to be very much the same. After a few tricky years of average performance, along with the government […]