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Appointing the Builder

The plans are submitted, now it’s time to appoint a builder, feel assured, we are here to help…

So many builds are filled with failure or success at the build stages, it is equally important as appointing the right architect to choose the right builder.

London is full competitive, hard working and efficient builders. Usually the key is to get quotations from a number of builders to help you understand the scale of the project, we are of course at hand to help and advise.

Architect for home, your local London architect will conduct a tender of at least five competitive contractors. Of course you are welcome o submit your own tenders at this stage for consideration.

When the tenders have any questions we will talk to them, answer their questions, provide them the plans and offer you assistance.

Once we have shortlisted the final couple of contractors, we will then help you to scrutinise them. You will get to view past work and get references to help you make a more informed decision on the desired contractor.

We always advise you do not pay any builder any deposit, ensure that the builder is aware that you will be paying in stages. Agree with the builder which stages and payment terms.

Before any agreement is committed with, speak with the contractor and request to view their insurance documents. Keep a copy for your own record, it is always better to be safe then sorry.

If the builder issues you with a contract, politely decline, speak to us and use an impartial contract such as a JCT for example. Its always easy to miss the small print and to save yourself heartache should the worst happen, you will be covered stronger using contracts like a JCT.

Create a log of all costs of the builds and dates, before the build starts write down all the proposed dates of various stages of the build. Keeping receipts is a great way to keep track of your finances. It can be a busy period having builders at home, especially if you work or have children.

Any finally, agree weekly meetings with your contractor to discuss things during the build, discuss payments and any issues you may have. It is always better to let your sub contractor aware before they ask regarding payments, it help to build trust and ensures a better build.

We hope this helps you, if you have any further questions then speak to our friendly architects today on 0800 282 267, or simply fill in the enquiry form and we will call you back at your convenience. Send your email enquiries to